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Realm War Status (Kay server) current status of realm war on my server
Class/Level Ranking (Kay server) current rankings
DAoC Alliance Statistics current standings
General Information


good info in all areas of DAoC

Camelot Stratics

great guides on playing strategies

Hibernian Hostel good info site for Hibernian players
Classes of Camelot good source for class-specific information
DAoC Europe official site for European servers
Camelot Warcry Compendium of NPCs and other interesting information

Camelot Seer

Stats on server population, tradeskill rankings, etc.

Risen my Guild's web site. We're a small guild of friends that like to play Camelot together.
Epic Courage my former Guild's web site
AtomicWARRIOR excellent step-by-step instructions for setting up a guild. Is not DAoC specific.
Catacombs Guild Emblem Previewer design your new guild's emblem here first to see how it will look
Crucible formerly of Kay server
Emerald Ice Hibernian guild on Kay
Fury Midgard guild on Kay
Intrepid Albion guild on Kay
Hall of Valor THE Champion source of information
Classes of Camelot good source for class-specific information
Kreiger Online Frontier maps

DAoC Catacombs

map database

DAAtlas map database
Kirstena's Atlas nice collection of maps of all realms, also offers them in .pdf (Acrobat) format
Kriyanna's MOB Maps Excellent source of MOB maps
Fatalis DAoC Mapper Online mapping utility on Fatalis' (Andred Guild) web site
DAoC MapperGUI mapping utility that uses Mythic's zone files to create maps -- This utility has not been updated to work with Shrouded Isles zones.
DAoC Mapper Python-based mapping utility that works with Shrouded Isles, albeit very slowly. This is the original command-line program by Oliver Jowett, which is the basis of DAoC MapperGUI (above). This is the utility I used to create my SI maps.
ActivePython required programming language to make DAoC MapperGUI and DAoC Mapper work
Python Imaging Library piece of Python required to make DAoC MapperGUI and DAoC Mapper work
Grania's captions.ini file for DAoC MapperGUI Copy of the DAoC MapperGUI setup file used for zone maps on This file contains all of the labels on theses maps, making it easier for you to customize your own Hibernia maps. Replace the captions.ini file in the mapper directory with this file before running the program.
Caster's Realm spell database
My Pet Mage Hibernian caster spells and information
Classes of Camelot excellent spell lists for each class
Spellcraft-O-Matic Camelot Herald's Spellcraft Calculator
Ars Magna et Ultima Arcanum Intro to spellcrafting and alchemy
DAoC Crafting Database Includes Spellcraft Gem Listing, Equipment Configurator, Armor, and Weapons Crafting Material lists and costs.
Celer's Siege Weapon Workshop Excellent siege weapon crafting information
Siegecraft How-to Guide to pointing and shooting siege weapons
Keltor's Master Tradeskill Worksheet Great for calculating what you can make when and for how much you can sell it
Dark Age of Camelot Tradeskills Forum tradeskills information
Game Banshee Weapon Database
Camelot Warcry quest database
Game Banshee Armor Database
GameScape Resist Matrix
Post 20th Level Kill Tasks Table showing starting NPC, NPC Location, MOB, the object it drops, the amount of experience points the task gives you, max of objects you can turn in for each task, task level, MOB level, and common MOB locations.
Realm Abilities
Master List of Realm Abilities complete lists by class - maintained by Camelot Herald
Hall of Valor complete list of realm ranks and titles
RvR Calculation Table Table of realm titles and points required to obtain each for all three realms
Realm Abilities Configurator interactive tool
Illia's Camelot Bestiary database of MOBs & NPC's
Catacombs Bestiary database of MOBs

DAoC Catacombs

character builder

Catacombs Character Templates public templates for all character classes

Camelot Stratics

DAoC tools

Stratics Command List list of "slash" commands
Character Name Resources
Celtic Diety Name Database good character name resource
Celtic Names of the British Isles excellent character naming resource
Celtic Name Database

another good character name resource - select Celtic in the Origin of Name box

Behind the Name: Mythology, Irish, Ancient Celtic,
Ancient Scandinavian
, Anglo-Saxon,
Celtic Mythology
Irish Mythology
Welsh Mythology
Norse Mythology,
Scottish , Anglo-Saxon Mythology, Cornish,
This site includes origin of the names. I've included links to the name lists that are most suitable for DAoC game mythology.
Encylopedia Mythica "encyclopedia of myth, folklore, and legend"
Etymology of Mineral and Rock Names another good source for character naming
Kabalarians Interesting character naming source suggested by Matennon
Voice Communication During Play
DISCLAIMER - The following sites should lead you through setting up the ability to voice chat while playing DAoC. I offer no guarantees or support on any of the solutions below. I am simply providing the links for those who wish to figure it out on their own.
AtomicWARRIOR good overview of how to setup voice communications to run while gaming
MyTuner switch Roger Wilco channels with hot keys
BoseTuner untried channel changer for Roger Wilco
Roger Wilco voice communication program -- requires full duplex sound card and a microphone
TeamSpeak voice communication program recommended by a couple of my DAoC pals.
Celtic Fonts page is in Gaelic - fonts are at bottom of page
The Camelot Project current study of "real" Camelot lore
Norse Tavern RPG that also links to a DAoC fan site and offers Norse mythology information
Other Third Party Programs
IMPORTANT NOTE: The following are third-party programs that may be used in conjunction with DAoC. Most of these may be considered "cheats" and, thus, fall under Mythic's prohibited conduct clause. Using programs of that nature could result in your account being banned. Inclusion of them in this list should not be considered as my recommendation of their use. They are here simply for information purposes only - i.e., so you will know what they are and what they do if you hear a reference made to them in game. Should you choose to use these programs, you do so at your own risk.
DAoX (SI version)
utility that allows you to run DAoC within a Window, allowing you to play while browsing the Internet or running other programs.
Waldo extremely interesting chat log parsing utility that will allow you to see where you are on a map currently and your combat stats.
Xylobot generic DirectX game tool that records keyboard and mouse actions to be played back within the game. Discussion group
Odin's Eye/Excalibur Similar to ShowEQ: shows location of your character (cn use maps to do this); locations and levels of monsters nearby; and names and locations of other player characters. Must run on a Linux server, separate from the PC you use to play DAoC. Discussion group
DAoC Unleashed Shows where your character is; locations and levels of monsters nearby; and locations and names of other player characters nearby (including those from enemy realms). This program runs on the PC you use to play DAoC, adding pop-up windows to the DAoC interface. Discussion group
The Wiredness available utilities for DAoC


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